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NASBA: Networking Accountants & Small Business Associates

In 2007 Diana founded NASBA: Networking Accountants & Small Business Associates to fill a serious void in the area of software skills and tax & accounting knowledge of Atlantic Canadian bookkeepers which has hindered growth and prosperity of every small business they work for. NASBA conferences would equip Atlantic SOHOs with a new toolkit with strategies, skills, and knowledge - resulting in tax savings, improved cash flow, and professional reports for creditors.


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(Past Agendas are here)

NASBA #1 June 8, 2007, Best Western Truro:
“Great to s ee what BusinessVision can do for POS & multi-location inventory. I always wanted to know but those guys never come down here. Your demo of Simply Accounting version taught me a lot.”

NASBA #2 January 17 & 18, 2008, Best Western Truro:
“Excellent info about RDSP & Medical Deductions from The Tax Detective from BC - Eileen Reppenhagen CGA. Barrie Reid’s Going Global was inspiring and informative. Enjoyed the fun rivalry btn Simply Accounting vs QuickBooks! RBC’s booth and PPT were very helpful.”

NASBA#3 January 9, 2009, Holiday Inn Truro:
“Very professional. Excellent Binders.  CRA’s SR&ED credits info was new to me. The two lawyers from Patterson Hunt, Tompkins and Harris, gave vital info about liability and selling a business. Thank-you for the research you gave on IFRS vs GAAP for Bookkeepers. Your Simply Accounting Tips & Tricks and What’s New in  Tax T1 were great. Jeff Brown/Alpha has prepared me to move up to Office 2007.”  

NASBA #4 January 15&16, 2010, Hilton Garden HFX Airport Hotel:
“Fabulous! Excellent food. High quality resource binders. This airport hotel was the best location for us from Newfoundland as we had no car rental costs this time. The quality and amount of prizes was overboard. Thanks for the QuickBooks! Because of E-Courier expert Robert MacKenzie from BC I will change my email polices. Bank of Canada ID theft material was an eye-opener. Having 5 CAs was overdrive but having the Accounting Standards Board from Toronto here was incredible...there should have been 300 attending not just 30.”  


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